Vehicle Wrap

Let Car Lettering Give You Quality Mobility

If you consider the number of visual impressions being registered on a daily basis by individual commercial vehicles, you will appreciate the value and the possible leverage you can earn through car wrapping.
Custom vehicle wraps, whether partial and full, are not only attractive; they’ll also take the advertising messages to the target audience for as long as the vehicles  is in service. You can attach electronic advertising signs on the cars which are both attractive during the day and glows glaringly at night.
One major advantage of car lettering is the mobility and depth of its reach. Be it in traffic, at a traffic light point, at the filling station, at the car park or even while moving through the street, your messages keep enjoyment wide circulation and consistent exposure to a wide range of audiences.
  • Use graphics that are simple, attractive and compelling.
  • Deploy strong messages that are short, easy to read and precise. Remember the vehicle will be more likely in motion for the most part of the day.
  • It is advisable to include your contact details for further information and inquiries. These details could include your name (business name), phone contacts and web addresses.
  • Ensure the designs used represent your brand properly for easy identification by the public.
  • Decide the best place on the vehicle where the designs would be placed. Furthermore, you need to clarify why you choose the location.
  • Use professional designer to ensure the fonts, character sizes and layouts are well harmonized on the vehicle. Poor graphic designs may impacts negatively on your brand. If you need a professional advice and help for your car wrap, please contact Enseignes.

To get the best from your car lettering campaigns, Enseignes will work with marketing team to decide your main target audiences and design creative contents are will project the needed messages. With this, your brand can run powerfully on the wheels of the specially selected vehicles.
Get the best from car lettering advertising and let your brand become the cynosure of public attention.