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Using Large Format Printing to Promote Your Business

Wide format printing can create a wide range of signs and displays for your business and can be done on to a wide variety of materials making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Using Large Format Printing to Promote Your Business

Large and wide format printing can create a wide range of signs and displays for your business and can be done on to a wide variety of materials making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Interior Signage in your business can be from the simple and practical such as directions, fire exit signs and door signs to signs that you use to promote your business. Large format posters in a shop can get information on special offers across to customers or you may choose to use banner displays or similar that are easy to put up and down and may look more stylish and in keeping with your shops' look and feel. Get interior signs made in your businesses colours, fonts and designs to really bring out your brand identity. At an office it is very easy to have a space that says little about your business even the reception where people first arrive. Working on interior signage which tells people who you are and where they are can reinforce your brand when clients come to visit.

Exterior signage is vital to get people into your business in the first place, of course you have to get the basics, for example the name of your business so people can find you and what your business is so people know whether they need to come in or not. You may also want phone numbers on the front and other information to entice people in. More than the information that signs actually put across is the image of your business they put across, the quality of the signs is one thing of course, a simple vinyl banner may be good for advertising a special offer or may suffice when you first open but it makes you look temporary and unprofessional if used long term. Get your name up with a sign that will impress, exactly how you do this will depend on the image that you want. If you want to put across that you are a modern business then modern lettering and design are what you want as well as modern materials. If you are more traditional then you may go for calligraphic writing and materials such as wood perhaps with an old fashioned hanging shop sign. Use of window stickers made with printed vinyl can really draw the eye and give extra information and windows tend to be at eye level as well.

Mounted graphics can transform the look of your business be it a shop, a tourist attraction or even an office reception where you want to impress clients. Mounted graphics in shops on durable materials such as MDF can transform a bare unit into a place that pushes your brand values with plenty of imagery, if you run a car showroom it may be you will want images of the cars you sell in everyday use, or perhaps parked outside stately homes, all giving an image of the lifestyle associated with your merchandise. In a child's wear store it may be children at play you want images of to associate your products with happy babies and children. Mounted Graphics could be informational as well such as a menu in a cafe or interesting facts about your business on a board in your reception area. At tourist attractions of course mounted graphics can be used as part of exhibits, giving extra information and using related images, they can even be integrated into interactive exhibits.

It may be that you have a particular promotion or event to promote and banners and posters inside and outside your store can be the best way to make sure people know what's on.

As people walk past many will look into your windows, large sales promotions banners can attract the eye and give across a lot of information quickly, window stickers as well may be even more noticeable as reflections sometimes make posters hard to see though window stickers may not be worth using for short term offers or events.

Outdoor banners however can really be noticeable, people may or may not look into your shop window but a banner actually outside may be more noticeable to people looking straight ahead down a street. Depending on where you are based banners can also attract passing motorists eyes as well and are ideal if you are near a junction with plenty of queueing traffic an offer may be what you need to get them to come in at some point or it may be they will simply notice your business for the first time and bare it in mind for the future. Flags as well on the outside of your buildings or maybe on lamp posts in your car park are even more noticeable and can be used long term to help you stand out.

Use large format printing for your exhibition displays to really stand out with plenty of graphics and colour getting your brand and your message across and hopefully bringing people on to your trade booth.

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