Roll Up Retractable Banners

Banner stands have multiple names – pull up stands, pop up banner stands, roll up banners or others. They are a great tool for providing a brief insight into a product that your business offers.
Getting ready for a company exhibition or presenting your business is complicated enough. Retractable banners are one of the best methods to minify on equipment without losing any of the visual effect.

Acquiring a stand space at a trade show may be expensive at times, but if you stand out, the effect can be great. They are cost effective and have multiple advantages:

  1. They are very easy to assemble. You just pop it up and it’s ready for display. They work using a retractable system, which pinches the banner at both ends and a telescopic pole. They can be assembled in less than a minute.
  2. Very portable. Most retractable banners can be carried by hand. They can be stored into tight spots, easily carried between floors and moved in and out easily.
  3. Extremely durable. The printed material (vinyl) is designed to last. The base of the banner is also very strong and provides additional strength. Most of the frame is built from aluminum, which means it is very easy to transport and very durable.
  4. Longevity. Unlike an ad in the media, retractable banner stands can be used over and over again. The message serves its purpose without being marked by a date or time.

Of course, you need to help your custom banner stand as well, so it can help you. Placing it on a platform, or a high place can help. Making the banner itself tall once it is stretched out is another option. Elevating it is beneficial, as the advertising message can be read by potential customers from a distance.
Also don’t forget to add your brand’s logo and your contact information (but keep it as short as possible), so the ad can actually have a call-to-action effect on people.

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