If you are considering using one of these highly flexible and viral tools for your advertising needs, Enseignes is more than ready to help you design vinyl decals with excellent graphics that will catch your potential client’s attention.

We will provide our world-class technology to combine both texts and images in a way that blends your advertising messages like you never thought was possible. And consider your window transformed into an attractive advertising template that will allow your brand, company and so on to distinguish itself and attract the eye of people passing by.

Advertising posters are a common promotional media used mainly by small businesses. A poster includes a visual design, images, colours, and texts. It provides a message intended to promote brand awareness or call attention to a company event. Relative to other small-business ad opportunities, a poster has a few clear advantages.

  1. Low Cost
    Creating a poster involves fewer people (a copywriter, a graphic designer, or yourself) and a printer. You can hire a distributor or simply hang or give out the posters yourself. It is a very simple process. (Tip: just be mindful – local laws may prevent posters being displayed in certain areas).
  2. Size and Shape Flexibility
    you can print posters in wide-ranging shapes and sizes. For greater visual impact, a larger poster might work better. A larger one with an impacting colour scheme will have a better chance to capture attention if you pick the best places to post them.
  3. Long-term Exposure
    Posters are visible all day and night and have a longer life in comparison to other relative print media. A person that is subscribed to a newspaper usually throws it out after one reading. In the right location, your poster could stay up for days, weeks, months or years. But of course, you should take into account the timeliness of the message. A poster is available to reach readers at all times. On a well-lit lamp post, for instance, you could connect with potential clients at early in the morning or late at night. In an “always open” business, your message display availability is even longer.
  4. Affordable Communication
    Advertising posters are affordable and offer a high return on investment when compared to newspaper and magazine ads. A custom poster may cost a few dollars, depending on the design and size. With a “street team” of interns or hourly workers distributing them, the distribution cost is limited, too. When you compare these costs and the longevity of the message to the price of a few hundred dollars for a small box ad in a local paper, the value is clear.

At Enseignes MS Inc we can use our experience help you pick out the right advertisement details that will best benefit your project. Click here for custom design and order yours from us.