Outdoor Banners

One of the best things about custom outdoor banners is that they help your business attract a lot of customers. If you have a unique and interesting idea in mind, then it is always good to share it with the banner making company and their design team. They will help you with the final banner design.

Elements of a good design for a banner:

  1. Font Type: A clean font that can be read from a long distance
  2. Color Palette: Choose colours that are “easy to read”, smart element distribution
  3. Copy: Don’t overextend yourself. Go for short and sweet-concise information

Always add a call-to-action. This means, leave an instruction potential customers can follow. This can be an invitation to follow you on social media, a phone or your business location.

Outdoor banners need to be durable and withstand the weather and the test of time. This is why most of the banners used for outdoor advertising are vinyl ones
A vinyl banner can be used both indoors and outdoors to announce a special occasion or your newly launched product/service.

Outdoor banners vary in their construction and display methods. When ordering one, you need to take into account the following:

  1. Weather conditions, according to your location
  2. How can you install your banner on the spot you’ve chosen
  3. Where will your audience be standing

Note that winds are not the only weather factor you need to consider. Sun exposure is also a significant issue.
If the banner will be displayed in a windy area, mesh might be a good option. Since it is essentially porous, it will allow wind to pass through, thus letting most of the energy out. This will lower the forces that act on your frame installation.

Enseignes MS is committed to delivering the best products to you, so we do not cut any corners when constructing the banner stands or frames.

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