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Get Into The Spirit of the holidays with full-color printing

Christmas is around the corner and that means the holiday season is officially about to start. Nowadays most businesses are focused on holiday- shopping season as a way to generate more sales, but it also presents an opportunity to strengthen customer and business relationships by sending holiday cards. Many consider this tradition as an essential part of business etiquette and networking.

In the past, it may seem like a waste of money and time, but recognizing and honoring your customers, vendors, partners or even employees during the holidays is a smart way to connect with them and maintain your relationships over the holiday season. By adding your logo, slogan and company name to your card, you reinforce your brand. If the card is professionally made and looks good, it also creates prestige for your brand.

Although you do not have to think of cards as a direct sales tool, they can help you to increase your sales in future. For example, sending cards to customers who have not used your services for a long time can remind them of you and get a new order after the holidays.

Sending cards to your vendors and investors means you're thanking them for their support and showing you value their partnership.

Many companies send holidays card to their employees to let them know they are not regarded as just a cog in a wheel, but someone appreciated and valued at their workplace. Holiday cards have a huge positive impact on employees causing them to feel more comfortable in their workplace and to work at optimal levels.

Christmas cards are a powerful business tool, but only if they have done well. Here are some tips to do it the right way:

  • Don't go digital – Although sending free email holiday cards seems convenient and affordable, it won't be as effective as sending a traditional card. You have to keep in mind that sending card via email can be easily mistaken for spam, while the traditional card will be on display at their desk for a period of time, reminding them of the sender.

  • Setting value, not the price – If you order hundreds of cheap and impersonal cards and add the same trivial message to them, or even worse, send them without a meaningful message, you risk not only that the cards fall into the trash, but also to crash your business image. You can also purchase them early in the year at lower prices.

  • Send cards to real persons - When addressing the cards, make sure you send them to real people. If you are sending a calendar, it can be a gift for the whole business. But the card is a personal gift. So, if you work with several people from a company, send to all of them and address them by name. Make sure you send them to the person's office, not their personal address.

  • Send them on time – The earlier, the better. Make sure your cards are traveling by December 10th, because post and couriers are overwhelmed with work and many shipments are delayed. If you wait too long, your cards may arrive after the holidays.

  • There are other holidays than Christmas – Sending a card during an entirely different time of year, will help your business to stand out in front of your competition.

No matter what holiday you’re a celebrating – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve – you need to print quality holiday cards, gift tags or calendars. At Enseignes MS Inc. we can help get your print marketing into the holiday spirit. Don't wait until the last minute to do it and contact us. We have everything you need to get ready for the holidays.

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