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Commercial Business Signs for Success

Commercial Business Signs for Success

Commercial Business Signs for Success

Oftentimes, permanent business signs can last a lifetime, if designed correctly and maintained well. From monuments to custom LED signage, you should choose materials that mesh with your region's weather. For example, if you own a restaurant on the beach, you want to choose a material that's not prone to rusting.

Commercial business signs should be eye-catching, but also complement their surroundings. If they're meant to be permanent signage, they also need to withstand the test of time. Steer clear of anything too trendy, a font choice that's too "out there" or images that might be dated.

It will probably take the skill of a graphic designer to nail just the right balance of timelessness and distinction, so don't leave the logo design to a nonprofessional.

Maximizing Success

Ensuring excellence from start to finish is the best way to maximize your business' success. You need high-quality design, creation and installation, as well as ongoing maintenance.

In some cases, you may need to have the sign freshened up every few years, especially if it's constantly bombarded by UV rays. However, if you take care in every step of the design and installation process, you'll likely have a commercial sign that withstands the test of time.

Before working with a designer, make sure your proposed sign aligns with any local laws and regulations. Don't see any other monuments or pole signs over 30 feet high on the street? There might be a (legal) reason for that. You don't want to invest in signage that's not allowed due to city or other local laws.